Tax Advisory and Procedures in the SAR

  • Tax Advisory
  • We provide our clients with advice on matters that include tax matters, such as: tax planning, tax audit, transfer pricing, accounting management and general consulting, in order to provide the necessary tools for the correct application of standards And optimization of current tax benefits.
  • The advice can be presented on a permanent basis with natural or legal persons, or we can render concept on a specific topic in tax matters.

The tasks that comprise the permanent tax advisory services are:

  1. Training in tax matters to the company's personnel through round tables of updating in taxes .
  2. Sending of the schedule of maturities of tax obligations .
  3. Tax update through bulletins containing the latest developments in tax rules, doctrine and jurisprudence .
  4. Permanent consultancy in matters of national and territorial taxes .
  5. Analysis of the current tax situation of the client:  

We determine your responsibilities to the tax authorities according to their legal nature, corporate purpose and applicable legal regime. The stock composition and operations with the outside are analyzed. In the development of the work, we analyze the income statements that are not yet firm, in order to establish that they are duly supported. After this phase we carry out an evaluation of tax contingencies and give recommendations on tax management .


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